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This year Berean Baptist Church was blessed to celebrate 67 years of church existence.


In May of 1954 a few residents of Hamilton, Ohio prayerfully agreed to commence meetings, first in homes and then an old firehouse in City View Heights.

Bro. Jason Milsap and several men from the Buena Southern Missionary Baptist Church came to Hamilton and organized the mission into a church. We started on N. 5th St. in Hamilton, then to Williamsdale, (Williamsdale First Baptist Church) and as we continued to grow we move moved to Hamilton-Trenton Road in Trenton, Ohio.

Berean has been blessed to have a long heritage of Pastors. Pastor Milsap served from May 1954 to September 1955. Following him was Pastor Jacob Hatfield, serving from September 1955 to April 1956. In May 1956, Pastor Silas Teague was elected as Pastor and served from May 1956 to October 1965. Brother V.B. Castleberry served as Interim Pastor from March to June 1966. Brother M.O. Earls served as Pastor from June 1966 to December 1967. On February 8th, 1968 Bro. Bill Botts was called to Pastor and served 30 years, retiring in February 1998. He preached the Word without compromise. We want to thank him and his dear wife, Sis. Phyllis Botts, for their faithfulness and service.


Many changes occurred under his tenure including the physical movement of the church site first: first from Williamsdale to Hamilton-Trenton Road Baptist Church (or H.T.R.), and then to the present site on Rt. 4 in Middletown, OH. At this location we became the “Berean Baptist Church” by name.

On September 1, 1984 the church established the H.T.R. Christian School (named after the previous location), where many students were saved. In May 2002 the school closed. Pastor Bill Botts resigned on June 1, 1996 as lead pastor, asking the church to elect Bro. Steve Botts who had been assisting Pastor Bill Botts full-time as assistant pastor and as Principal of H.T.R. Christian School since 1988. Brother Bill continued as Co-Pastor with Pastor Steve until February in 1998, where he helped with the transition. Bro. Bill continues as Pastor Emeritus until present.


Pastor Steve Botts’ ministry as Pastor started on June 1, 1996 and he currently continues as Pastor with his dear wife, Sis. Mary Alice Botts. Sis. Mary Alice has faithfully serve as church Secretary since 1985 until present. The church is also blessed to have Bro. Dan Philpot who has served faithfully as Associate Pastor since 1985 until present.

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